Welcome to DVD Moments.

About This Service
I provide conversion of your phone, digital camcorder & tablet/pad videos into one continuous "Movie",
which will be put onto a DVD (Or Blu-ray) complete with a custom printed box.
Photos can also be added in.

As well as this, some other options available are as follows :

* Adding music in the background (Just music, or it can be mixed with the original audio).
* Adding text notation at certain points in the video (Date info / Event details etc).
* Adding menu options to the disc (Chapters or multiple event choices etc - * DVD Only * ).
* Back up disc provided of video files sent (As long as they fit on a single blank DVD).
* Option for a HD Blu-ray disc version (At additional cost).
* Collages of photos (At additional cost).

How It Works
There are a few options on how to get me your video files:
Whats App (Which is the easiest & most popular).
USB Stick / Portable Drive (If you already have the files on a pc/mac).
Direct connection of your device into my PC.
File Upload (To a site such as wetransfer / dropbox).

Additional Information
As well as sending me the video files, I'll need some suitable photos for the DVD box, menu screen & the disc itself.
Any questions / additional requests, please feel free to get in touch.
Thank you.

Email: info@foxesphotography.co.uk

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